Sunday, February 10, 2013


It is surprising how quick the lead acid batteries sold on Craigslist as I was not even counting them in the component value of the car; So the extra dollars will offset the cost of repairing or replacing the Curtis 1231C controller. Three buyers came and within 2 week all were sold. The battery racks sure will look good filled with LiFePo4 cells!

Thanks to my son Shane for shooting and editing the video!

 All of the mosfits & Diodes have been removed from the blown Curtis 1231C controller but there is additional damage. I have found that several of the 47 ohm resisters are blown and at least one small diode on the power board. There is also a fairly large area of copper that has evaporated going from one of the mosfits to the capacitors.The resisters are 47 ohm 1% tolerance and are going to be a little harder to find than just 5% tolerance resisters.  I am not sure the diode values but since there are 2 am hoping they are the same and I can measure the front to back resistance to find a replacement that will work.

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