Tuesday, September 25, 2012


The John Deere 110 project is nearing completion, so hopefully this will allow me to kick the Fiero rebuild into high gear. Hoping to sell the John Deere to put in the LiFePo4 battery fund for the Fiero but then again, I may just keep it to mow the grass. They don't make garden tractors like this anymore, as they are now basically just stamped sheet metal with a lot of plastic.

It's time to get the lead out of the Fiero. With the New CALB CA cells, I am hoping to find a good set of used cells up for sale for a good price when another builder is upgrading.

Just a little more packing and then off to EVCCON. Next year the Fiero will be rebuilt with new batteries, and will be at the show.

 See everyone at EVCCON this evening!

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