Monday, August 19, 2013


The battery bottom balancing continues and I am getting close to putting the motor cradle back in the Fiero. I
put together a Punch List of items to be completed while the cradle is still out of the car.

Punch List
  1. done   Connect ground to frame from 220 box 
  2. done   Straighten Negative battery lead 
  3. done   Mount 2 Rear relays 
  4. Redo driver side loom -  find and wire new speedometer connector
  5. Remount front to back battery cables
  6. done  Remove red wire from the tunnel (to heater contactor)
  7. done  Remove the black wire from the tunnel ( to vacuum pump motor)
  8. Remount heater wires
  9. Cover computer cavity
  10. done  Cut metal sticking out on front engine compartment firewall
  11. done    Rotate loom on fusible link wires 
  12. done    Tighten 220 plug nut 
  13. 13    Test relays
  14. 14    Touch up engine compartment paint 
  15. done    Change charge setting to lithium (position 7) on charger
The C500 switched 12 volts (2 wires), wire from the starter switch, and tachometer wires have been spliced into the connector and it has been installed. I used plenty of wire so I should not have to splice these wires when making the final connections.


Two relays have been installed and the charger relay has 12 volts connected so when the charger turns on, the normally open relay closes and puts power on the relay and when the charger is off, the switched 12 volts will be applied to the relay through the charger's normally closed contact.


I have been putting off sliding under the belly of the Fiero to re-mount the battery wires from the front to back packs and the heater power wires. They were bundled together along with the power wire for the vacuum pump and the heater relay wire. I am going to use a relay and get 12 volt power in the front of the car for the vacuum pump and use the starter wire to get power to the relay for the heater. That way I will be using original 12 volt wiring in the wiring harnesses for 12 volt control power and the only wires running on the outside of the car will be for the battery packs. I put loom on the 2/0 battery and heater power cables, where they made any bends or contacted any surfaces and used conduit hangers to mount the wires in the tunnel.


There will either be an aluminum cover over the tunnel or a belly pan to cover the wires so they will not be exposed, after the car is running and I can get it on a lift.

Hopefully by September, I will have the motor cradle back in the car and can start on the battery boxes.
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