Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Many people have asked me when the Fiero conversion will be done and I always reply "Never, there will always be something that can be improved." 

The shift linkage came out of adjustment the last two days in Cape Girardeau and could only be shifted into 1st, 2nd, and reverse. Upon returning home, the linkage was finally able to be adjusted to go into all four gears. 


My next project is to replace the ignition switch, as the switched power going to the traction pack meter stays on when the key is turned off sometimes. A new switch was purchased from Parts Geek and arrived on Monday.


Since the steering column has to be dropped to install the new ignition switch, I figure it would be a good time to install the new instrument cluster. The circuit board on the old one is broken in a couple places and the dash lights on the speedometer side do not come on. The circuit board and connections on the new cluster look to be in very good condition and will hopefully fix this problem.


The seals also need replaced in my wife's SLK230 power top cylinders, so I have quite a bit of work on my plate that will need to be shared with working on the Fiero, not to mention a little paint trim work in the bathroom and kitchen. It would be nice to just focus on the Fiero but as the saying goes "A happy wife makes for a happy life," so I guess these other projects will just need to be worked in!

Until next time,


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