Sunday, February 21, 2016


While lithium batteries really don't self discharge much, the pack had not been charged since last year and the Fiero had been driven down the road and moved around the driveway a couple times, so with the temperature close to 70 on Saturday, I decided to hook up the JLD404 and top off the pack. The first thing I noticed is the JLD404 in the car was reading higher than the EPM-5740TV volt meter in the engine compartment, so I will have to get out a voltmeter and calibrate them. The module catching on fire at EVTV has heightened my awareness to the possibility of the modules lighting up, so want to make sure I have a good back-up system to discontinue the charge.

The amp meter on the dual volt/amp meter reads when the motor is revved up but is very erratic and seems to be out of sync with the amp reading on the JLD404. The wires are twisted coming from the shunt but it acts like it is getting interference form somewhere.

Not much work was actually done but it was good getting out and messing with the car.

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