Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fiero EV

Over the last year, I have been watching EBAY and Craigs List looking for a completed EV to jump into the EV hobby. Finally a Fiero EV was listed on Craigs List in my area, so I scheduled an appointment to look at the car. It was a 120 volt led acid conversions that was completely done and drove great. After a bit of negotiations, I we were able to come to agreement and the Seller even tailored the car to my house. (I live just a little outside the current range of the EV) In appreciation of all the hard work, technical support, and great deal that the seller has given me, I am going to nick name the EV "LARRY."

This blog will be to chronicle the upgrade of a 1985 Fiero EV to J1772 charge connector and the additon of lithium batteries. The goal is to be able to drive this car to work everyday, 22 miles each way.
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