Thursday, July 5, 2012


The JLD404 Intelligent DC Power Meter and AM1-AP-3A Inductive Proximity Switch arrived last week but my power was out at the house and I had to spend all of my time feeding gas to the generator. It was also really hot in Ohio so I didn't feel like spending much time in a black Fiero. Hopefully I can get the tach working and some kind of indication of amps and volts on the lead acid batteries. One cell is pretty much toast and I am taking odometer readings to try and figure the range. Currently I have traveled around 12 miles but the car is starting to get sluggish and I fear that probably 15 miles or so is going to be about the max for now. Hopefully by sometime this fall I will be able to put the LiPo4 cells in and correct the range problem but for now my focus will be to work on the interior and getting some instrumentation hooked up.

Until Next Time, Randy
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