Sunday, May 18, 2014


After working on the interior for a month in addition to disassembling the Better Place battery pack, the garage had become a bit of a disaster zone, so I decided it was time to clean thing up a bit. What brought everything to a head was when the bag of bolts for the instrument panel came up missing.

When I got in the Fiero to back it out, it moved back a little and then stopped. Then the controller fan started revving up and then shutting off and the car would not move. My son and his fiance came over so I could look at his radiator and after we grilled some hamburgers and had lunch, he helped me push the Fiero out into the driveway.

No one had purchased the Better Place shipping crate I put on Craigs List, so I decided to fill it up with all of the scrap metal, aluminum, and copper that was cluttering up the garage. After a couple of hours, it started looking a little better and then, under the shelves where the interior parts were stored was the bag of bolts.


My son Shane and I worked on his radiator and tried to put a patch over a crack in the plastic end piece. We thought we had it but he called later in the day to tell me it was leaking again. We will put a new radiator in it next week and that should take care of the problem for good.

After mowing the lawn, I decided to charge the traction pack as it had been sitting for over a month and the controller does have a slight drain on the battery. After charging, the controller was back to normal and the car could now be moved again. While it was in the driveway, I decided to wash it but by the time I got it done, the sun had almost set.


The Better Place battery module bottom balancing continues and I am getting close to putting the dash and instrument panel back in the car. When the pack is ready, I am going to install it in the rear of the car so the contactor and shunt can be positioned.

Until next week,

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