Saturday, September 27, 2014


After trying to get the shifter adjusted, with little luck, if finally gave out completely during a test drive. Fortunately, the shifter would still go into first gear and I was able to make it home. Seems the sheathing cable had worked out of the crimp and was moving in and out. With the car sitting in the driveway, the shifter would work flawlessly but when driven would do a couple of shifts and then seem to be out of sync. It must have just been moving a little and when it finally came completely out of the crimped socket was easy to fine. What makes it worse is after the batteries were installed in the engine compartment, the cables have to come over top of them and I hope this is not why the cable pulled out of the socket, as that will mean the last four cells of the module will need to be moved to the other side of the transaxle to allow a space for the cables to go through,

I am showing 47 amp hours used out of the 57 that was put in the pack, so it will be interesting to see how close I can come to 57 amp hours, as the voltage is down around 119 volts. On the first charge, once I got to 119 volts, there was not much left in the pack.

My parking brake seems to be sticking but I was able to finally get it to release. I got some WD40 and cleaned the ends of the cables with Scotchbrite before spraying them down. I have started only applyling a couple of clicks when setting the parking brake and it seems to be releasing now.

My son's car has not been starting so I spent most of Saturday trying to get it going. We were able to get it to my house but then were unable to get it started, even with jumper cables. I pushed it to Gary's Place Garage in Kirkersville, OH, as he has a lift and can easily get under the car to check the starter.

Will post again tomorrow if I have any updates, so until next post, thanks for visiting.

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