Saturday, January 3, 2015


I must admit, even though I graduated from an electronics tech school back in the 70's, wiring is my weakness. I am working on getting the center console back in the car but thought I should put better connectors on the wires going to the tachometer, speedometer, and gauges.


After putting the female plugs in backwards on the first connector set, I had to end up destroying the plastic and use the connector housing from another set to correct my mistake. Ok, no problem, one down and only 3 to go!


As you can see, the console wiring looks like a rat's nest and must be cleaned up and organized before attempting to put the console back in place. The 12 volt volt and amp meter quit working, so I am going to need to pull int instrument panel again to see if a wire came loose or if I blew another meter. The meters are very delicate and will blow if any of the wires are connected wrong or shorted together. They come from China and take 3 weeks to a month to get here, so the last time I ordered 3 of them so I would have back-ups. 

The Fiero will drive and as I reported in earlier posts, have had it up to 80 mph on I-70. The shift linkage was adjusted again, as the last time the car was driven, it would only go into first, second, and reverse. This has been an ongoing problem I am hoping to get worked out soon.

I am going to put another push on tomorrow and hope I can finally get the console wiring straightened up and the center console installed. 

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