Sunday, February 8, 2015


There has to a better way to connect the wires to the 12 volt DC-DC isolated converter,  purchased from Light Object. Soldering the wires to the small pins leaves a connection that is just too delicate. A pigtail that plugs into the pins would sure be nice! These are necessary to make sure the 12 volt negative and pack voltage negative are not tied together causing a small ground leak through the meters.

Sunday morning was spend removing the two isolated DC-DC converters, from the dash and re-soldering one of the wires. Finally both of the meters worked, the wires were stuffed back into the dash, and the gauge face was back in place.


Different instrument cluster LED bulbs were purchased from Light In The Box but it seems like only half of the speedometer is working. I don't think it is the bulbs but probably the instrument panel connector or the light sockets, as they have seem to be very temperamental in a 30 year old car.

No EVTV this morning and EV West did not do a monthly show for February yet, so my EV fix was watching a Youtube Video from Damian McGuire.

Work on the Fiero will continue tonight, so I may post again before I go to bed. The next step is to get the center console back in the car, the heater controls hooked up, and the connections for the Dell Venue 8 Pro made up. It is almost 50 deg today in Columbus, Ohio and spring is just around the corner. My goal for this winter is to get the instruments hooked up and all of the interior completed. This will allow me to focus on getting the other two battery modules installed and the belly pan back on the car, when spring finally gets here and the car can be parked back outside.

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