Saturday, March 21, 2015


This morning the radio/heater control center console cover and glove box were painted and after drying, were installed in the car. The connections were made to the Dell Venue 8 Pro and it is pulling up the Synkromotive user interface.


The instrument panel bolts were installed and that is where the wheels fell off! The 12 volt wire must have pulled off because I am no longer reading any voltage on the 12 volt system meter. The dash meters have been a constant challenge, as they would work, then quit working when the face plate was put on. The amperage reading on the instrument panel meter, is quite a bit different that the reading on the Synkromotive user interface. I could not find a 1000 amp meter so used a 100 amp meter with a 1000 amp shunt, figuring I would just need to add a zero to the reading to get the pack amperage. The shunts put out 75 ma at 100 amp or 1000 amps, so the basic reading should be correct. 

Once the radio is removed from my son's fiance's jeep, I can install it and the JLD404 and the complete center console can be put back in the car. Then just some seat adjustment cover work and the interior will be finished.

The weather is turning nice, so I want to get the car back outside where it will be easy to get in and out of. A new mounting is going to be made for the Zivan charger, a 220 volt relay installed on the AC, controlled by a EPM-5740TVR from Light Object,

I am still planning on having an open house for the Fiero on Saturday, April 25th from Noon to 5:pm. I am just east of Columbus, OH close to Kirkersville, OH so drop me an email at if you want to drop by. The grill will be going and there will be plenty of beverages to quench your thirst.


Hope to see you on the 25th!

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