Friday, June 26, 2015


Over the last few weeks I have been collecting materials to start building the front battery box. Weight is an issue, so aluminum is the material of choice. It would be nice to have somewhere close by to purchase aluminum angle and sheet but as there were no vendors close by, turned to EBAY and ALRO Metals in Columbus, OH. The angle was actually purchased online but after a week, the order was still in review status, so I emailed the Columbus ALRO branch and arranged to pick it up in Columbus.


Aluminum sheet was expensive at Alro Steel and only came in larger sheets, so I looked on EBAY and found some aluminum diamond plate from IRONLESS for a decent price and low shipping rate. It was ordered Sunday and was delivered to my door from Wisconsin on Wednesday before noon. Not too bad!

Now all that was needed were some self tapping fasteners to attach the angle to the side of the fender wells. EBAY again came through and I was able to find some 10-24 x 1/2 Torx Pan Head Self Tapping Machine Screw Zinc Coated Steel screws from  FABERSURPLUS.

I was off work Wednesday to take my wife to the doctor, so started attaching the angle iron. The passenger side was open and the angle bolted in nicely. By the angle on this side was mounted and the vacuum pump was removed from the drivers side. 


The brake lines run down the side of the fender well on driver side, so had to be taken out of their mounting bracket and straitened, so they would run through a notch in the angle. By dark on Thursday, the angle was notched out and was attached on the front side.


I was really excited to get home Friday to continue work on boxing in the front compartment but as Ohio weather would have it, started raining on the way home.

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