Friday, July 4, 2014


Today, work on the driver's side dew wipe started around 8 am, and it was still only in the high 50's in Columbus, Ohio. The window was rolled down and I was able to get 3 of the screws holding the dew wipe and the side mirror screws out but the other 2 screws were blocked by the window glass. The night before, I had made a screw driver that is supposed to be able to remove them, but the screws would not break loose. Tired of messing around and not wanting to drop the window guide, I was able to get a hack saw blade behind the dew wipe and just cut the screw off. I went to Advance Auto Parts and picked up some molding adhesive, deciding to just glue the center of the dew wipe in place.  After the new dew wipe was attached in place with the outside and mirror screws, I put wooden wedges in the center of the dew wipe and applied molding adhesive between the dew wipe and the door flange. Wood wedges were put between the dew wipe and window to keep pressure on the piece until the adhesive dried. Then the rubber seals and inner dew wipe were bolted on. Finally the door panel, arm rest, and door handle cover were installed to finish the job. While the door panel was off, the tracks were lubricated as much as was possible so the squeak that was previously heard when the window was run up, was now gone.



The new steering wheel cover has not been stitched yet, so I decided to paint the exposed hub and spokes with black truck bed liner to give it some texture.


After the steering wheel was drying, some more measurements were taken of the lower trunk and it looks like the Better Place Module will fit there, while still allowing the upper portion to be open for luggage or groceries.  Having cleaned the trunk out last week, and having most of a can of truck bed liner left from painting the steering wheel, the trunk was given a coat..


My son and his fiance came over in the evening and we had steak, shrimp, and chicken shish sabobs on the grill. We found a box of fire works left over from when my son worked at Phantom Fireworks, so will have a display out in the back yard tonight. We were invited to my parent's for a cook out also but my wife's back has been bothering her and we did not want to go without her, so decided to just cook out at home. After a hard day of work on the Fiero, it was nice to kick back in the afternoon and relax a little.
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