Sunday, July 13, 2014


A while back, I smoked my Powerlab8 battery charger, so bought a reconditioned Powerlab6 to assist in bottom balancing the Better Place Module. After setting it up, I was not able to discharge down to 2.7 volts and kept getting a warning that the cell is under 3 volts. I posted on the EVTV Forum and a couple of EV builders have posted Youtube videos on how they set up their Powerlabs to bottom balance

After watching the videos, I found the regenerative discharge was not checked and after it was checked, the Powerlab 6 would do a discharge only, even when below 3 volts.

More measurements were taken to try and figure out where to put the Better Place module and a plate was made to cover the radio opening to mount the JlD404.  There will also be a switch that turns on a USB charge enhancer, that increases the power and shorts the data leads. This should allow the Venue 8 to start charging when it boots up and once the charger starts, the data leads can be un-shorted to allow the tablet to communicate with the Synkromotive controller. I will post some pictures when the plate is closer to being finished. Also, the steering wheel cover was sown up making it ready to go back in the car and the new wiring harness was run through the center console.

Probably will not get the car back on the road in time to take it to EVCCON but am going to keep pushing and see where I end up.

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