Wednesday, July 29, 2015


My son had not been over for awhile and was taking a half day off work to take his cat to the vet, after which, he was stopping by the house. We haven't seen him much during the summer and he had to leave around 6 pm to go look at a house, so I decided to take a half day off of work also, to spend a little time with him. 

I had a new mirror ordered for the bathroom and Chesshir Glass emailed and said it was ready, so went and picked it up. When I got back from picking up the mirror, I took the cover off of the bathroom fan to get measurements, then got on the Home Depot website and ordered a new fan and lights for over the new mirror.

With some of the household chores out of the way, it was time to finish adjusting the parking brake. After a couple of tries at setting the parking brake, it was finally adjusted so it worked well.


Then it was on to remounting the vacuum pump for the brakes. A place on the front wall of the front trunk was found and the bracket was mounted in place. After a little moving the hoses around, the vacuum lines were made up and the electrical connections are ready to be hooked back up. This would have been done but a storm was rolling in and there was lightning all around, so I packed it up and well hook the vacuum pump up later tonight or tomorrow after work.


Maybe another post tonight and maybe not until tomorrow but the Fiero will be ready to test drive soon and if the brakes feel good with the vacuum pump hooked back up, work will begin on connecting the second module up.

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