Friday, July 31, 2015


A day of vacation was taken today to take my wife to the doctor in the morning, then to the pharmacy and back home to meet with a contractor to get an estimate on new counter tops for the kitchen and bathroom. Then off with my sister to help her purchase a car.

Between all of this, the vacuum pump was wired up and tested out fine and the Fiero was jacked up and the cables from the front compartment to the motor bay in the rear were removed. Next some uni-strut will be installed in the tunnel, the cable will be run through the flexible conduit, and the conduit will be fastened to the uni-strut. The last task under the car will be to cover the tunnel with aluminum sheet, to help keep the moisture out. Then the two modules will be able to be connected together.

It was my hope to get more done but sometimes that just doesn't happen and at least I did get something done. Hopefully there will be fewer distractions tomorrow but for now; Thank God it's Friday!

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