Sunday, June 2, 2013


This week I finishing cleaning up and painting the engine compartment. I tried to use the MIG to fill the holes that had been drilled in the trunk to mount the lead acid battery trays but do not have enough adjustment to get the current low enough to not blow through the thin sheet metal used on the trunk, so I just filled them with fiberglass resin filler. I also mounted some new clamps to hold the brake line to the rear wall of the engine compartment. The entire motor compartment has been coated with truck bed liner and new split loom tubing has been ordered, to clean up all of the wiring. The DC-DC converter was painted red to match the Warp9 motor and Synkromotive controller, so now I am looking for a place to mount it. A diode will be added to make sure the caps do not try to back feed to the main battery pack.


I also ordered a Ballastic EV02 12 volt Battery. I have not heard of anyone trying one of these but it was inexpensive so hopefully I can bottom balance it and set the DC-DC converter to kick on and off to keep it in the middle of it's range. When I drove the car with lead acid batteries, there were times if the pack voltage went too low, the main contact would kick out because the DC-DC convertor was under 12 Volts. The battery should give me a little bit of a cushion.


 Then the J1772 AVC2 control board was installed and wired. Additionally, two wires will be run from the normally closed contacts in the AVC2, in series with the main battery contact 12 volt control circuit, to disable power when the car is being charged. 


 Finally, on Sunday evening I was able to start working on the mounting brackets for the Synkromotive Controller to mount on top of the Warp 9 Motor.


 There are so many little things to do while the motor cradle is out and I can get to everything, I want to make sure to not get in a hurry and miss something that will be hard to get to after it is installed.Quite a bit of time this weak was spent working on the yard and I had to do some repair work on my weed eater before I could trim. Then my wife wanted some bushes planted requiring a trip to the garden center to pick up landscape materials, so I didn't get as much done on the car as I would have liked to. Also, my air conditioner is acting up and I had to mess with it to try to find the problem but I did find a solution, call a repairman. Anyway, the bottom line is there just aren't enough hours in a day and days in a week to get everything done that needs done. Hopefully I will be able to make more progress on the car next week.

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