Sunday, June 9, 2013


This week I started by trying to take inventory of all the loose ends that need tied up before the motor cradle can be installed and tried to start finishing them off one at a time.

The Motor controller mounting bracket was finished and installed on the motor. There is a gap above the motor air intake so it shouldn't affect the cooling.


 The right side transaxle seal was leaking and as the oil level is above the seals, this must be fixed. I went to Advance Auto and picked up a new seal and a removal tool. After getting the old seal out I found it had a small chunk out of the outer lip, probably from having to pull the transaxle out a couple times when I was installing the motor. There was also some roughness on the part of the shaft where the seal rides, so I cleaned it up real good with some fine emery. Originally I just used Scotch Brite as it will usually clean up any rust or scale without cutting the shaft, but in this case, I probably should have used some emery to begin with.



The wire loom arrived on Tuesday, so I started tidying up the AVC2 wires. I ordered some different color hook up wire off of EBAY and will hook up the AVC2 relays before putting wire loom on the wires that will run across the firewall. The DC-DC Converter placement still needs to be figured out before putting the wire loom on the wires going to the 12 volt terminal.

The 12 volt Ballistic Battery only took a couple of days to be delivered and I was surprised how small it is. I took the picture below with a pair of glasses and on top of some HiPower 100AH Cells to try to show the size.


The specifications are shown below:

4 Cell EVO2 $109.95
Ballistic Perforamnce Components Part Number: 100-010
Parts Unlimited Part Number: 2113-0258
  • Dimensions (Metric): 61mm (L) x 61mm (W) x 112mm (H)
  • Dimensions (Standard): 2.5" (L) x 2.5" (W) x 4.25" (H)
  • Negative Terminal Location: Right
  • Weight: 444 grams (.979 lbs.)
  • Voltage (Charged): 13.6V
  • Amperage: 2.3 Amp/Hour
  • Lead Acid Equivalent Amperage: 8 Pb-eq/Ah
  • Burst Cranking Amps: 135amps
  • Operating Environment: -18°C (0°°F) to 60°C (140°F)

There is a rubber cap covering 5 pins and I found that individual cell voltages can be measured from them. All of the cells were in the 3.35 range except 1 and it was around 2.98 volts. I charged the low cell up to 3.3 volts and then hooked up the JLD404 to bottom balance the cells.



 After the cells were all balanced, I started charging them with a 3 amp trickle charger. The cells are all close to 3.2 volts but I am going to charge them to 3.4 volts for each cell to 13.4 volts total. The IOTA DC-DC converter is rated at 50 amps, so I am hoping that the battery will take 37% of it's burst cranking amps continuously. I got a pretty good deal on the battery on EBAY and wanted to test one out before spending more on a bigger Ballistic Battery. The IOTA DC-DC converter is actually an AC 12 volt battery charger, so I am going to plug it in and hook it to the battery to see what happens. The the IOTA charger/dc-dc converter is supposed to turn off at 13.6 volts but I will need to keep an eye on it to make sure.

I'm getting closer to putting the cradle back in the car but there is still quite a bit of small tasks that need completed and I have kind of taken a step back to think about where to place the dc-dc converter, battery, charger, and box that will contain the contactor, fuse, and shunt. I want them to be out of the way but accessible. 

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