Sunday, June 30, 2013

TESTING... TESTING... 1... 2... 3...

After receiving my CellPro8 last week I started testing the HiPower 100AH cells that I am going to use to power the Fiero until I can raise the funds to purchase better cells. It is going to take awhile to cycle test and bottom balance them but the CellPro8 is working great at automating the process..

As I am using the lead acid battery out of my garden tractor as the regen battery for the CellPro8, I decided to see if the Ballastic 12 volt battery would actually start a 14 horse Briggs engine. I installed the battery and turnd the key, resulting in a click, but the starter did not engage. On the second try, the starter turned and the engine came to life. I am going to leave it in the tractor for awhile and monitor, to see if the voltage regulator will keep it between 12 volts & 13.6 or so volts. 

To complicate the week, my air conditioner compressor finally gave out. This was after I had a service man come out and was going to come back with a part to fix it. After several quotes, no one wants to install a compressor and they all want to sell me a whole new heat pump and heat exchanger. I was telling my next door neighbor and as chance has it, he tests air conditioner and heat pump efficiencies for a company that provides independent reports for large companies that are purchasing systems. He offered to get me the parts for cost and help me install them. At least it has been unseasonably cool in Ohio and a couple of window fans have kept the house pretty comfortable. 

After trying different locations, I finally was able to mount the Zivan charger to the fire wall side of the motor compartment. There is an Ace Hardware store that I found in Baltimore, Ohio that has a great selection of chrome and stainless steel fasteners and I was able to pick up some SS flat head, 1/4 -  20 screws that had an Allen instead of slotted head. I also picked up some shelf brackets that should work to mount the DC-DC converter a little above where the battery was originally mounted. Because of the taper in the firewall and the fender well, moving the converter up will allow more room to make sure the fan is getting proper airflow.

My wife went to California to visit her nephew and when I dropped her off at the airport, was close to Royce Wood's shop; So decided to stop in and see the "Bad Cat" Cougar build. As luck would have it, Bob Salem, with his 1987 TVR was there also. I had seen Bob's build at EVCCON last year but it was good get to see it again.

The Cougar turned out great and what I like about his builds is how clean everything is when you open the hood.  The giant GE motor just pops out at you! The motor mounts he fabricated are race quality and you just gaze in amazement at how good all of the fabrication is. The interior looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor and the new wheels and tires he installed really set off the exterior of the car, which has a brand new maroon paint job. We have at least 5 builders in Central Ohio now, so we talked about getting a club going. You spend a lot of time alone in the garage when doing an EV conversion and it is really good to get together with people who understand and talk the EV language. Royce and Bob are going to run their cars out at National Trail later this summer and I will post when they are going to be there. It would be great to get everyone out there to show support. You can see the "BAD CAT" at Royce's EV on a Shoestring blog.

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