Saturday, August 8, 2015


Last night when I got home from work and after mowing the lawn, the first charge was applied to the battery modules. The starting voltage was 107.7 and read the same on the front and rear battery module. I used the TCCH  PFC-3000 charger instead of the Zivan NG3 because I had installed an Anderson connector on the battery module and the PFC-3000 charger was set up to just plug into it.

The TCCH charger is set to stop charging at 137 volts but I also have the ABB ac contactor to disconnect the 220 volt ac input when the EPM-5740TB volt meter reaches 137 volts by opening it's auxiliary relay. This morning when I went out to check on the charge, the green light was illuminated on the charger and the meter read 138 volts. The EPM-5740TB reads a three volts low, so the modules were probably only charged to 135 volts. The JLD404 was showing 57 amp hours put into the modules, so that is probably about right.

Later in the afternoon I drove the car to the Marathon and back, probably about 8 miles total and the voltage after sitting for an hour was 129.4 volts with the voltmeter and the EPM-5740TB was reading 132. 2 volts. The amp hour meter was down to 47 amp hours.

Before I charge again, I will set the offset in the EPM-5740TB and will record the actual miles driven on the next drive but for now, am just trying to get a feel for everything. I want to do an interstate drive and find out if there is gong to be enough in the modules to get to work and back.

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