Sunday, August 2, 2015


After the conduit was fastened in place and the cable was run inside it, work started on the rear connections. The copper bus bar on the positive side was removed and cleaned in soapy water with scotch bright until it looked clean, then cleaned again with scotch bright and alcohol. Then it was zinc plated before starting to make the connections to the front battery module. When I removed the positive bus bar, it was loose, so this time Nordlock washers will be used.

After the positive side cables were connected, the negative side was started. The negative side will connect into the second stud on the shunt. As with the positive side, the connecting surfaces were cleaned with scotch bright, then given a coat of Ideal Noalox, Anti-Oxidant paste to help keep the connections from corroding. The paste contains zinc which acts as a sacrificial barrier to keep the connections from oxidizing. On the negative side, the cable had to be pulled toward the front about a foot, so the conduit connection had to be taken apart in the front to straighten out the run enough for the cable to be able to be pushed forward. Finally the rear connection was made and the front conduit was reconnected. That is about as far as I got, as the front bus bars are going to need to be removed to drill the holes for the connections and to apply Noalox.

After all the tools were back in the garage, the car was taken for a drive to the Marathon, to pick up a 6 pack of Elevator Company Big Vic, Imperial IPA for a little late evening relaxation. The interstate was taken back home, as I am trying to run the rear pack voltage down a little so the voltages can be matched to make the final connection between the modules. 

All that is left is to install all of the battery connectors, match the voltages on the modules, and make up the negative and positive connections on the front module. I am really anxious to do a test drive after both modules are hooked together and charged. I am hoping for a 50 mile range.

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