Sunday, August 16, 2015


Thursday a full charge was put on the Fiero to prepare to travel to Brian Couchene's house to find out if the Fiero is going to fit on his dolly and to help him put panels over the insulation in his shop. Upon arriving, we made up an adapter cord and started charging the Fiero for the trip home. Brian's house is about 23 miles from me and that is the longest trip with out stopping I have made. Upon arriving, the voltage was still around 124 volts after settling for awhile, so I may have been able to make it back home without charging but did not want to take the chance.


After starting the charge, we started putting up the sheet metal on the ceiling of the shop and worked pretty hard until lunch. Brian's parents were visiting from Michigan and it was very enjoyable getting to know both of them. Brian and I worked in the lift and his father cut the sheets and pre-drilled them on on the ground. Brian's mother fixed us lunch and dinner and kept the refreshments coming, as it was in the upper 80s during the day.

After dinner, we hooked up the tow dolly and found that the front of the Fiero was going to hit the cross member when driving up onto the ramps. We solved this by placing a couple of 2x8 boards at the end of the ramps to get the car started onto them, so I am really relieved to know that the Fiero can be transported to EVCCON. 

Brian's Father wanted to ride in an electric car, so I took him a ride a couple miles down the road in front of Brian's house. The roads out there are very hilly and although I thought I had it in second, the transaxle was till in fourth. No problem, the car still made it up the hill but at a reduced speed by the time we crested the hill. On the way back I did get the car in second and could accelerate up the hills at will. When we got back to the house, smoke was poring out of the right rear of the engine compartment. I opened the trunk and smelled the distinct smell of brakes dragging. After messing with the parking brake for a couple minutes, I was able to disengage it. 

By now it was dark, so the drive home was going to give my LED headlamps a true test. The route I chose only had about 3 miles of interstate and after I got back to route 16, there were no more hills all the way back to my house. The drive was routine and uneventful, and shortly upon arriving home, I hit the hay, pretty worn out from climbing up and down the lift all day.

Sunday morning, the parking brake was adjusted, so hopefully no mor drives with the parking brake engaged.

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