Friday, June 6, 2014


Wednesday, I received the dash light holders that had been ordered on EBAY and proceeded to fill the remainder of the light sockets where the sockets had been missing. When I turned the parking lights on, smoke started flowing out of one of the light sockets, then all of the lights went out. I had blown a 5 amp fuse a couple weeks ago and when checking the fuses, notice there was a 15 amp fuse where the 5 amp instrument panel fuse should have been. Seems when I bought the fuses The package had a 5 for the quantity in the pack and I thought they were 5 amp fuses. Anyway, the 15 amp fuse was not blown, so I tried the headlights and after coming up, would not go back down. Now I am getting worried, so went in to look at the instrument panel lighting schematic. Seems the closed contactors are powered on the same circuit as the tail light 20 amp fuse that also feeds the 5 amp fuse to the dash lights. After making a trip to get fuses, I replaced the 15 amp fuse that was in the dash light fuse socket and when checking the parking lamp fuse, found it only had a 15 amp fuse, that ended up being blown, andreplaced it with a 20 amp fuse. As soon as the new fuse went in the socket, the headlights retracted. When I tried the dash lights, all of them were illuminated now. Wow, what a relief! I sure did not want to have to pull the dash again to look for burnt wires.




The bottom balancing continues with the JLD404, on the Better Place Module. The Powerlab 6 would not discharge down to the 2.7 volts I need to get to so I contacted the manufacturer, and after several days, they said the programming for the internal discharge mode is why I am getting trouble codes trying to discharge to 2.7 volts, but If I go to regen mode with a battery, would be able to get down to that level. I will try later tonight and hope that takes care of the problem.


The weather has been great here in Ohio, and I am anxious to get working on the car tonight and starting early tomorrow morning! Both of the dual volt/amp meters need remove and tested outside the car, so I may start on that tonight.

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