Sunday, May 31, 2015


Last week after working on the Fiero, I decided to go to Buckeye Lake Brewery for a growler of their Shovel Head Double IPA. They also make root beer, so I picked up a growler of that also. The car ran well and the speedometer lights went on and off intermittently during the drive, so there is hope of finally getting this fixed.

I have spent so much time with the instruments that I got on Ebay and purchased a new instrument cluster.


The old vacuum pump and tank were removed and I am studying the front trunk compartment to determine where to put the batteries and vacuum pump, so the car is kind of out of service now. I am not sure if I want to mount the modules sideways or make a plate and mount 3 stacks of 4 cells. The latter would give me a lower center of gravity and would allow a cover to go over the batteries leaving some trunk space above.

Last week I wrote about setting up a JLD 5740 to operate an ABB 220 volt contactor to shut off the charger and it seems I burnt up the coil. In this world of shysters and thieves, it is encouraging to come across an EBAY seller who is willing to go the extra mile to lend service to their customers. I emailed EBAY user drvidguy asking about ABB DPE40C3P-80/MQcontactor he had listed. Even though I had not purchased mine from him, he checked one out and gave me a call to give me information on how it should be hooked up. As I had smoked the coil on the one I had, I purchased another one from him. A few days after it arrived, he called again to tell me that there was a closing coil in addition to the hold coil and gave me detailed instructions on how to hook it up. I tested the hook-up and the contactor works perfectly now. If you are looking for an EBAY seller who will go the extra mile, make sure and check out Lee's list of items for sale.His EBAY user name is drvidguy and with 10985 transactions and a 100% feedback rating, he is definatly an top notch EBAY seller!

I was bragging about the headlights working properly in the video but yesterday, the passenger side headlight went down and the motor kept running. I had to disconnect one of the leads to get it to shut off. The lights will still open but I have to open the hood and connect the wire for a second to get it to close. A 30 year old car is just full of surprises!

Tomorrow we are getting new floors in the kitchen and bathroom and I have been spending quite a bit of time painting the kitchen and pulling out the old carpets, so have not had time to work on the Fiero that much. I am really looking forward to getting the other two modules mounted in the front of the car and getting the exterior painted, in preparation for EVCCON. I have also been looking at J1772 charge stations so I can actually charge a a public station.

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