Saturday, May 9, 2015


After dark I went out to check the instrument lamps and was delighted to find that both sides are now working. Down the road it may be necessary to purchase a new circuit board, as it seems some of the circuits are pealing off the lamination but for now they are working. Both of the meters are working and once the polarity is switched on the 12 volt system shunt, should start getting amp readings. The 12 volt system voltage is reading just fine. It seems the duel volt/amp meters I used will only read current in the positive direction  and when the polarity was switched on the traction pack, it started reading current.


The negative charge lead was connected directly to the traction pack, so the charge current was not going through the shunt, so the lead was moved and shows that the most recent charge took 31.69 amp hours.


The incandescent headlamps were replaced with LEDs but ever since the car was purchased, the left retractable headlight would hang up. To my surprise, over the last couple of months, both of the retractable headlights have been working normally, every time. I guess these phantom electrical problems should be expected with a 30 year old car and in the end, the only way to fix the problems may be to just buy new components and put on all new connectors, as it seems that almost every connection I have inspected has some degree of corrosion.


It was good to finally get to spend a day working on the Fiero and actually getting some of the small problems resolved.

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