Saturday, May 9, 2015


Work has been terribly busy and the home projects have been very time consuming but finally I was able to get back to work on the Fiero.

The left side instrument panel lights are not working, so the rear cover was removed and the plug to the circuit board was cleaned. The lights are hard to see during the day but after I put the plug back in, I don't think any of them are working. I will need to go back out this evening when it is not so bright out and work on it some more.

Also, the parking brake light quite working, so the contact at the parking brake leaver was removed and cleaned but still no light. You can see corrosion on the connector so this is probably the problem.

The drivers seat was removed and the new adjustment lever cover was installed.

Also another charge to the traction pack was done and I believe it is adjusted to charge at 18 amps right up until the pack is charged. I will use the contacts on the JLD404 to shut the 220 VAC off going to the charger as charging at 18 amps cuts an hour or two off of the charge time and lets me charge the module in 2 or 3 hours as opposed to 4 to 6 hours when the charger tapers.

The car is running great and my wife and I took a couple of drives in it last week. She is expressing interest in driving it, so she must feel comfortable with the way it is running.

Will post more tomorrow and hopefully will be able to report the instrument lights are working.


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