Saturday, May 23, 2015


Since the Fiero Conversion was started, I have been following other builds and recently found a couple of really cool Porsche projects in progress.

The newest one is the conversion of a Porsche 912 by EV4U Conversions:

The other one I have been following is being a 1988 Porsche 924 S being done by Fred Behning.

Check out these cool builds and if you post, let them know that CZ-EV turned you on to their conversions.

Although I am working on painting the kitchen and dining room, I still made a trip to Ace Hardware in Baltimore to pick up some fasteners for my John Deere 110 and to find boxes to mount the ABB 220 Volt contactor and the JLD5740 meter. After finishing up the trimming on the paint job, I am going to start getting the charging system back in the car.

Last night I drove the car down the road to the Marathon Convenience Store to get some Elevator Brewing Company "BIG VIC" IPA and some subs from Subway across the street. This morning I went to Ace Hardware in Baltimore, OH, for a total of 24 miles. When I stopped on the road in front of my house to put the car in reverse to back into the garage, the main contactors kicked out from low 12 volt system voltage but was able to back the car into the driveway after resetting the contactors. This is good news, as I put 24 miles on a charge and this should relate to a 72 mile range when the other two modules are installed. With gas prices on the rise, this should give me plenty of range to drive the 45 miles round trip back and forth to work.

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