Tuesday, May 12, 2015


My son and his fiance were coming to the house on Sunday for Mother's day, so I needed to make a run to the grocery store to pick up some food and beverage.  The batteries were topped off and the JLD404 was reset. Below in blue, is the route I took, and the drive was mostly country roads and city streets.


The driver's seat had been taken out on Saturday to paint the rails and put on the new seat control cover and I did not notice that the seat belt attachment was not in the middle of the seat but had fallen to the rear of the seat. I am so used to wearing a seat belt that it really felt uncomfortable not being strapped in but off I went anyway. Upon arriving at Kroger's, there was a car show going on at Ziggy's Pub just down the street, so took some time and went over to look at all of the cool cars. The interior and motor compartment on the Fiero look pretty good but the exterior still needs a fresh coat of paint and the suspension needs lowered a little, for the car to look good overall but am looking forward to taking the car to the shows.

After getting groceries, I stopped to look at a Honda Insight. It had almost 250,000 and the guy still wanted $4900 for it but his look was priceless when the Fiero silently drove away from his driveway.


After arriving back home and unloading groceries, another charge was added to the batteries and the car only used 34.6 amp hours of the 55 amp hour battery module capacity, so should be able to get around 26 miles range out of the one module around town. The car is using 251 watt hours/mile and that is not too bad.


Later in the day after my son arrived and we had finished dinner, I asked him if he wanted to take a drive in the Fiero. To his surprise, I told him he was driving as the last time he had driven the car, it had 900 lbs of lead acid batteries in it. He pulled out on the road in front of the house and was immediately impressed with the way it accelerated. Keep in mind that it is only using forth gear but still has major pick-up from a standing start. We drove down a country road to Route 40 and made our way to Interstate 70. My son accelerated down the entrance ramp and accelerated to the speed limit. The way the car turned out really surprised him and I believe he has a new outlook on the Fiero build.

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