Tuesday, September 1, 2015


AM12-XP 12 Cell LiFePO4 Battery

MSRP $164.99 *SALE $144.99*

Select Polarity:
Length87mm - 3.42in
Width114mm - 4.5in
Height100mm - 4in
Weight1250g - 2Lb 12oz
Capacity7.5 Amp Hours
Amperage Output<3 -="" 500="" amps="" pulse="" sec="" td="">
Max Charge Voltage & Current14.4V / 10 Amp Hours
ConnectionBrass Terminals with 6mm x 10mm Threaded
EnclosureImpact Resistant ABS Plastic Case
PolarityPositive Left or Right

Product Details

The Alien Motion AM12-XP is the largest model we offer in our classic cylindrical case design. This model provides 500 pulse amps of cranking performance while coming in well under 3 lbs. The increased capacity over the AM8 affords increased cold weather starting and longer usage in total loss applications. You could use this on your Harley 1200cc Sportster, Suzuki Hayabusa & Ducati 1299 Panigale. Guaranteed to provide better performance and several times the lifetime of the original battery with proper use and maintenance.
Our all new XP series offers greater starting power and capacity with no more weight!.
Great battery for applications that require less weight and have limited space.
  • Ultra-Lightweight and High Power Lithium Motorsport Battery
  • Holds a charge with minimal drain for years when there is no draw on power
  • 2-Year Warranty and Out of This World Support
  • Great for everyday use for bikes up to 1600cc 4 cylinder, 1400cc twins and personal watercraft
  • Works with the original charging system
  • Great for racing applications
  • Significant cost savings and longevity compared to lead acid
For V twins larger than 1400cc, we recommend more cranking power with the Alien Motion AM22

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