Sunday, September 13, 2015


Since I was not able to take the Fiero to the Drive Electric event, it seemed like a good substitute would be to drive up the Interstate and test out a ChargePoint charging station at Walgreens. My cards arrived that morning and had been activated, so off I went. 

Upon arriving at the charger, the space was empty and after parking, got out and swiped my brand new ChargePoint card. Oops, it was not working! A store employee came out and informed me that there had been a power surge and the charger was not working but would probably be fixed on Monday. Good thing I was just trying to test the charging capabilities of the Fiero, as if I was depending on a charge to get home, I would have been sitting there until it was fixed on Monday.

Testing the J1772 plug and circuit will have to wait for another time but that will give me an excuse to take another interstate drive.

Until next post,

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