Thursday, January 2, 2014


Since starting to re-build the Fiero last year, I have looked for other builds to follow to look for ideas for my car.

EDMEVMEDIA is documenting the conversion of a Mazda Miata and usually updates their progress every couple of days. Their videos have covered everything from bottom balancing their cells to making mounting brackets, installing components, and running wiring.

JDDCIRCUIT is documenting the development of soft and hard ware to run a Prius electric motor and install it in an MR2. This work is major as the Prius drivetrains are readily available and from the videos, it appears the half shafts are the same on the Prius and MR2, making for an easy drivetrain conversion.

  • Damien Maguire is documenting the conversion of a BMW E39 to electric drive. His videos show some unconventional but effective ways of fabrication and how to get an automatic transmission to function properly on an EV conversion.

If you are converting a car or plan to in the future, these active build videos will prove very useful for you. I encourage you to show support and add their Youtube sites to your favorite list.

Happy Converting,

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