Friday, January 31, 2014


The seal beam replacements and H4 LED headlights arrived this week so last night, they were installed after work. I didn't realize that the standard seal beam plugs are the same as the H4 plugs, so did not need the adapters I had ordered. Getting the new LED lights to fit in the new housing was a challenge, as it was a really tight fit but I finally got them installed and the whole assembly back in the headlight socket. The sockets had to be plugged in and unplugged several times to get the lights to make good contact but finally made good electrical connection. The original low beams appeared to be adjusted too low, so I will mess around with aiming them so they are not in on coming driver's eyes but still project a little further down the road.

After the LEDs were installed, the car was taken down the road for a test drive.


Once again, the controller tripped when I shifted to 4 gear so I am going to need to evaluate the log files to see what happened but I did notice the acceleration seemed a little more sluggish, so maybe the batteries just need recharges. The last charge was back in December and although I have not driven that many miles, I have done quote a bit of revving the motor and leaving the headlights on. I have the dc-dc plugged into 120 when the car is not in use, so have not run them down from that.

More to come,

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