Monday, January 20, 2014


My Son came over this evening and we decided to take the car out for a test drive. Sure enough, the speedometer and tachometer worked flawlessly. This was the longest test drive so far and about 1/4 mile from home, the controller tripped again. After turning the ignition switch off and back on a couple times, resetting the controller, it came back to life and we pulled back into the garage without having to push the car home.

We were logging the drive and upon returning home, and upon examining the file, found that the 12 volt system dropped to 10.7 volts, tripping the Synkromotive contactor but the main contactor remained latched. I have the IOTA DC-DC converter set to the lower 13.8 setting from when I had the Ballistic LiFePo4 battery installed but with a lead acid battery installed now, can put the jumper back on to bump the voltage up to 14.2 volts. I had the high beams on and was accelerating, so the 12 volt system was probably drawing quite a few amps.

Even though this is a minor set back, I feel that progress is being made and am confident I will be able to correct the controller tripping problem soon by adjusting the controller settings and adding more batteries to the traction pack.
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