Monday, August 18, 2014


I left Cape Girardeau around 7:00 am ext and headed for home instead of the drag race, as it looked like rain. After seeing Michael Brown's posts, it looks like I should have stuck around!

Michael also did a post of DAY 4, and it is really great that he took the time to document the event. I finally did get to talk to Michael at the Awards Banquet to let him know his work was appreciated. 

Although I had a great time at EVCCON this year, was disappointed the Fiero did not get done in time to take, that so many speakers canceled out on Jack, and that quite a few of those in attendance in the past, did not make it this year. Thanks to Al Gada and William for letting me be a part of the drag racing team at Jack's hanger on Friday. It turned out being a lot of fun!

Thanks to Jack Rickard and all of the folks at EVTV for making this year's EVCCON another success, and for all of those taking the time and spending the money to bring their conversions. Can't wait until next year!

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