Saturday, August 2, 2014


Work on the battery module installation continued every night last week and it is finally in. The first cells that were installed kept wanting to separate, so I had to use zip ties and battery connectors to keep them in place, while the last cells were installed. The very last cell was a bit of a challenge getting in because the pack is somewhat like an accordion, as it compresses when the rods are tightened. I had to work from the outboard end toward the inboard end, installing the zip ties around the center battery terminal and putting in the terminal connectors, to be able to get the pack to compress enough to get the last cell to fit. With the pack not compressed, the last battery was running into interference from the taper on the motor adapter, where it attached to the transmission. The end plate that I made had to be trimmed on the side to be able to clear this taper and I was not able to put in the spacers that go in the holes where the rods threads through. After compressing the top of the pack, crawling under the car and compressing the bottom of the pack, prying, shaking and probably cussing a little, I was able to get the pack compressed enough to get the the rods to come through and nuts started on them. The tabs on the outboard end plate worked out great and are catching the ends of the angle iron very well but I may run into problems drilling and tapping the holes on the inboard clips and may have to drill the holes from the bottom to bolt the them to the angle iron rack, from the bottom. I finished working on the module after dark on Friday night with hopes of getting up early on Saturday morning to continue.



When I woke up on Saturday, around 7 am,  it was still dark out and upon looking out, it was apparent a rain storm was approaching but by 8:30 am the storm had just passed. I had to pick up a trimmer and chainsaw that I am had repaired, so started working on putting the braces on the top and bottom of the module. After putting a spacer on the rods so I could tighten them up a little more, I was able to bet all of the support braces in place. Then the bottom rod nuts were loosened, so the holes can be drilled to mount the bottom tabs to the rack angle to hold down the module. Tomorrow the holes will be drilled and the connectors will be connected to the pack so it can be charged. I will hook up the JLD404, so the pack capacity can be measured.

Until Tomorrow,

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