Sunday, August 31, 2014


Last week has been very productive and the latching relays for the contactors is wired up. The wiring was tested with the new Alien Motion AM22-01 battery before it was installed in the Fiero but has not been tested in the car. Hopefully it works because getting to all of the wiring is getting harder and harder with all of the components installed.

A few months back I had wired up the starter wire on the C500 connector but when it was checked before wiring up the relay, there was no 12 volts when the key was turned to the start position. After taking apart the connector, it appears the connector had pushed back into the housing and as the back of the connector housing was molded, there was no access to push it back into place. This required me to cut the purple wire in the wiring harness and splice a wire to run to the relays.



If you have followed this blog you will recall I purchased a Ballistic LiFePo4 12 volt battery last year that ended up failing. I found out that these are actually manufactured by Star Motion for Ballistic, so contacted them to ask them about their warranty policy if used in an electric car conversion. I told them that Ballistic had refused to honor the warranty because the battery was not used as a starter battery and was told that the Alien Motion battery would be covered as long as it was not over charged or completely drained, no matter what application is was used for.

To make sure that the battery does not get fully discharged, I ordered a Peak DBA low voltage cut out. This should eliminate any possibility of over discharging the battery.


As it is raining today, it will be a good time to clean the garage and get ready to cut and bend the Plexiglas cover for the battery and contactor. 

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