Monday, August 11, 2014


Over the last six weeks I have been putting on the push trying to get the car ready for EVCCON and although I fell short of that goal, have got the battery pack installed and made much headway on getting it hooked up to the controller. In my haste, I put the motor compartment lid down last night after dark, not noticing that I forgot to put on one of the side covers, allowing the rain we had overnight to get into the Synkromotive controller. Fortunately, I had made a separate cover for the DC-DC converter, so it was protected from the rain.



When I went out this morning, the led was not flashing on the communications port. There was no pack voltage on the controller and only 12 volts, so I unplugged the connector and after 30 seconds or so, plugged it back in. The led was now flashing yellow, not a good sign. I took my wife to the grocery store to stock up for the week I would be gone to EVCCON and upon returning, started emailing the folks at Synkromotive, to find out what the yellow light means and to ask them what they think the water could have damaged in the controller. Before sending the email, I thought I would look and see if there was a code being flashed, so opened up the motor compartment cover, plugged the connector back in and to my relief, the port was now flashing green again. Not 100% out of the woods yet but I do feel a lot better and will hook up the computer to see if communications can still be established to the controller.

Copper sheet was ordered to make the bus bars for the battery module, positive side contactor and emergency/maintenance shut off switch and should be here when I return from EVCCON. Also, a new trunk seal was ordered from the Fiero Store to keep the water out of the trunk when it rails. 

There is a potential buyer at EVCCON for the HiPower cells that are currently in the car but since I am not bringing the Fiero, have no way to get them there without renting a vehicle, so will just have pass on the offer. I guess if they really want the cells, we can arrange to meet somewhere between Columbus, OH and Tulsa, OK, this fall. My wife has been after me to go somewhere together before the end of the year, so maybe a trip to St Louis, MO may work out.

Anyway, with any luck, I should be having appetizers and drinks at the EVTV shop by 5:00 pm tomorrow. Hope to see you there!

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