Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Work on the mount for the fuse, contactor, and shunt continued and slots were cut in the top so it would slide over the rails on top of the module. It  is going to cover the end of the module very nicely. Last night I laid the components out on the plate, evidently before the paint had fully dried and it left some bare spots, so the plate was removed and another light coat of truck bed liner was applied.


The remainder of the evening was spent looking for materials to cover the components, once they are mounted. Progress is moving slow but it is moving, so hopefully by the end of this weekend, the module will be hooked up and ready to test. A couple more wires will need to be pulled inside the car for the shunt and a couple of wires run to control the contactors. That means getting the wires in the loom behind the battery module but I should be able to get to them. I may also hook up the starter switch to a couple of relays so they will close when you turn the key to start and stay latched in the run position, until you turn the key completely off. It may also be nice to have a green LED come on when the contactors are closed.

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