Saturday, August 16, 2014


Today was play day at the air port and I started my day at 7 am, setting up the drag strip with Al Gata and William Allen. After finally getting all of the sensors to read, we started letting all of the EVs make runs and had quite an exhausting day out in the Cape Gieardeau August heat. After dinner I went to the hotel to rest awhile before driving over to the shop.

To me, EVCCON is about Friday night and the interactions with the folks that congregate at the shop. After four years of attending EVCCON, I finally got to taste Jack's home made whisky. It was very good quality and even though he told me to have all I wanted, one glass was enough considering I had to drive home. As always on Friday night, there was much stimulating conversation, as we discussed field weakening and variable brush advance with John Metric. We talked about many EV issues with folks from a quite a few different countries and tried to solve all of the EV issues known to man. About 10:30, Anna Kluppenorg brought some Arbies sandwiches, which were devoured by all of at the shop. By about midnight, the Smart build team had found the correct gear to power the car and were out on the street testing. Really a great end to a very interesting evening. By then most of the participants had headed back to their hotels and the evening was over. Still my favorite part of EVCCON
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